Sunday, 28 November 2010

The life of a film

In bruges is a film set in bruges, the film is based around two hitmen who are sent to bruges to lay low after a previous job ending in a child being killed. However one of the hitmen (bredon gleeson) is actually sent there to kill ray ( collin ferrel) who was responsible for the death of the child. In bruges stars collin ferrel, ralph fiennes and Brendon gleeson.

It was made by both U.K and U.S.A,  this explains the budget being slightly above the average in the U.K, at  $15,000,000 it wasn't particully large. In Bruges (on a worldwide scale) took $33,394,440 at the box office. . This may have been because of the limited advertising and also it had quite a specific audience.In bruges won a bafta for best screenplay, it also won a british independant film award for best screenplay amougst 8 others. It was also nominated for an osacr for best screenplay.

In Bruges Poster



$15,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$457,227 (USA) (10 February 2008) (28 Screens)


$7,757,130 (USA) (15 June 2008)
Production companies
  • bluprint pictures
  • film 4 (funding)
  • focus features
  • scion features

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Preliminary Exercise


Josh Savage- boyfriend
Charlotte Kendal -girlfriend
George Russle -camera man
Alice Griffin - extra, sound techy and director.

Pre production

Before me and my group could start filming our video, we first had to plan out our ideas and put them on paper. We based our idea on arguing couples, mainly because we didn't want to just have plain and dull conversation. We put our idea onto a storyboard and also started on writing a basic script, while creating the story board we had to think of the different type of shots that would be effective and the types of shot that were possible.Within our video we used a variety of shots including low angle, high angle and a long shot, close up and match on action to name a few. We had remeber the 180 degree rule, which states that the two subjects should always have the same left and right relationship. we had to apply this when filmimg theconversation between the two characters. We also had to think about what equiptment we were to use, we chose to use a tripod to ensure that the shots were steady and not moving. we also chose to use a dolly for when following charlotte walking to help add effect.


Before we started filming the actual shots we practised using the equiptment by doing a seris of rehersals. These rehersals consisted of us practising the first few shots, for example the opening shot which was a simple zoom onto the boyfriends face from about 5 metres. During the actual production of our Premliminary Exercise, we had to make sure certain things were the same each time we were filming, for example we had to make sure that the clothes worn by the actors were the same each week, and also certain objects in the shot were the same. We did have some issues of the setting of our scene, we had to change the room we were using to film the shots on the second week of filming, this meant we had to retake all the shots we had done previously to keep continuity within our short film. While we were filming we did make changes to our shots because we relised that some shots may not have been possible or were not the right shot for example instead of somehow filming the actor jumping of a staircase which seemed impossible without injury, instead we cut to a black screen and had included the sound of the girlfriend screeming and the boyfriend hitting the floor. This infact turned out just as effective. Having said this there were little mistakes we made, for example whilst the actors are arguing there were two books on the table, but in the shot where we see charlotte recieve a text, the books were not there anymore.We also made the mistake of not leaving enough space at the start and at the end of a shot to ensure a clean and smooth cut, so some of our cuts are a bit jumpy and not as flowing as they could have been.

Post production

After we had filmed all our clips we had to upload these to a computer and edit them. We started to capture our clips, and organize them, however our organisation of our clips on the camera were all muddled with gaps between the next clip, this was simply because we did not rewind back to where we had left the last clip and so this made capturing difficult. Next we had to paste all our clips together and cut the bits we did not need to make it flow as smothly as possible.However as we were doing this our computer started to suffer problems. We found that our computer started to freeze and crash a fair bit while piecing together our clips. This caused huge difficulties because we found that although we had pieced our clips together and saved them, when opened it up again another time to edit further all the clips were in radom orders or had huge gaps between clips and even sometimes clips just disapeared. Once we finally managed to paste all our clips together we started to think about adding music to add extra effect, we chose to use 'fix you' by cold play to help set the tone and feel of the video.