Sunday, 24 April 2011


For our filming we wanted a day in which the weather was very dull, and slightly rainy. This was to help set the mood of our film and also keep with the likely weather conditions within Russia. However we could not get all the extras to be available for the suitable weather conditions, so we had to just film when we could. As we started filming we were faced with some obstacles that we had to overcome. We eventually ended up having to the main block of the filming on a sunny day, which was not orginally intended but it was the only time it was possible. However once we had got the main proportion of the filming complete and started to piece some shots together in the editing phase, we found we were missing some crucial linking shots. This meant we had to go out and film again,but we could not get the same actors and we could not get the
same weather conditions. We were forced to film what we could on the day, the shots we filmed were a shot of the main character lighting up a cigarette and walking on, this allowed the the shots of the charcter walking to flow into one another.

We were also faced with issues of props, we had very limited props in comparison to what we would of wanted. However we could not get hold of them, this forced us to come up with new ideas for shots, for example,orignally we  wanted a shot of a tent in which the chacter was in but we could not get a tent that would look right for our film, so instead we had to use plain bed sheets to imply that there was a tent present.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Story boards + Anamatics

We made a start on our story boards, and we further changed our ideas. We decided that we would add credits between shots during the suit up scene, the font of the credits will resemble a type writter to add effect and create a more professional feel. These credits allow the suit up scene to run smootly and not to appear to jumpy between cuts, and this will allow us to run the credits without obstructing any of the shots.


We plan to do our credits almost as if they are being written by a type writer on the screen, the inspiration for using this idea came from previous films and tv shows with the same effect.

For example;             RED OCTOBER

However the letters we hope will come on screen indivually as if they are being written.

Mise en scene

As we're making the opening for a historical film set approximately 80 years ago, Mise-en-scène is incredibly important for making our opening look believable, interesting and showing good continuation.
We wrote a list of items we could potentially need and went about trying to collect them. This ensured that when it came to filming we had a convincing set with excellent Mise-en-scène.
  • Any bullets, bullet casings or shells.
  • Any military style uniform, such as boots, military jackets and hats.
  • Indicators of the location, era and situation the characters are in (war time) 
  •  Documents and papers, some with black boxes over parts of the text.
  • Ashtray
  • A smoking fire/camp fire, or a campfire effect.
  • Any replica weapons
Combined with our plans of making the titles and music represent the location and era, this will make our film opening look authentic.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Production name and logo

We chose the name Red Star Productions. It sums up the genre of film opening we are producing, and is an exciting name that could become associated with producing both historic films, or those based on action and war, to produce titles similar to those found in our research:
  • Hunt for Red October
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Che
 We brainstormed for ideas for a logo. On paper, we made sketches of potential candidates, deciding we needed a logo that was bold, bright and represented the film we were producing. Eventually we combined two of our ideas coming up with the following logo.
Here is the logo produced to represent what our film company is about: It is simple yet very bold and straight to the point. The Red colour and hammer and sickle symbol were chosen as they provide a bold and recogniseable image when the logo appears in the opening titles of our film opening.

The logo was created using Adobe photoshop CS4 for the shapes, and Adobe flash CS4 for the filters and shading (flash was used as the filters can be changed in an animation, for example where the logo fades in the titles)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


We need to find sounds like;

- Leather boot straps being tied.
- Sounds of crying
- Sounds
- The sound of gunshots in the distance or shells falling.

The two pieces of music that we plan to use are;

-  Fairwell to slaviangca    -------  (red army choir)
-  Les Feuilles              ----------  (Mortes)

Friday, 8 April 2011


- The main charater is a russian commisar.
- There will an extra with a line or two to help develop the plot.
- In the background we hope to have many extras, some will be soilders and others mabey peasents. These extras will be doing various things like standing around talking, smoking and crying.

Saturday, 2 April 2011



The story of our AS film opening is a russian commisar waking up in the morning, and walking to the bodies of his parents.

Rough walk through the plot

We thought we would start witha suit up scene in a tent , with a a russian commisar getting ready for his day, he then will walk out of the tent with the camera following behind him with an over the shoulder shot. He then finds himself presented with dead bodies, there will be nararted dialog over the top of the shot. Once the dialog is over the camera will pan up towards the sky and the title of the film will appear on the screen.