Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel that from the beginning to end I have learnt a lot about how to produce a film effectively and efficiently. Most of what I have learned I feel i have learned from making mistakes, much of the filming process was shot twice because of simple mistakes we made the first time round.
Filming; we made many mistakes whilst filming, many of which just didn’t cross our mind till it came to editing. Examples of our mistakes include, filming many of shots without planning on how they would flow smoothly into the next one, we completely forgot to do this in some cases because we were so caught up in getting our main, vital shots not taking into account the linking shots that actually make the production work. This mistake highlighted other issues, like for example we did not get all the filming done on the same day and because of this we found we could not get the actors again when we needed to film again and nor could we ensure the weather was correct. My final problem with filming was maybe expecting to highly of shots before filming without taking into consideration of the props and equipment that we would need to actually pull these shots off, I think next time I will be thinking a lot more realistically of what’s possible and what is not. So I feel next time I will make sure that I address these problems properly to ensure that my project goes a lot more smoothly.
Editing; in the process from my preliminary task to my film opening I have learnt a lot about how to use the editing software. I learnt a lot through Mr. Wallis and also trial and error.
With editing for our film opening we found that we came faced with lots of continuity problems that we firstly did not notice during filming.  Apart from this editing went fairly well, and I found I learnt many new tricks with premier pro for the opening that I did not pick up from the preliminary task. This was because the editing involved in the opening sequence was slightly more complex and so demanded a more advance knowledge of the editing software. For example color grading and proper sound editing.
To conclude I feel that I have learnt a lot since the original preliminary task, I feel i have learnt a better way to approach my tasks, through more through planning and being realistic I will be able to achieve a better finished product with fewer difficulties along the way.

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